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Senin, 30 April 2012

Results Manchester City vs Manchester United, Tuesday, May 1, 2012 (Live Update Score)

I'll try to do a live update on the Manchester derby match score of this article, in the first round at Manchester City I see more of the ball, especially in the last 10 minutes of the first half, some time they managed to dribble into the penalty box but the MU defense managed to make his Manchester City players are to trouble shoot or pass the ball. Goals for the newly created Manchester City on 45 minutes through a powerful header directed the captain Vincent Kompany is separated from the convoy at the time of the corner kick, 1-0 hosts ahead in the first half.

The second round has just begun ..

47 mins: Manchester United get a corner kick opportunity, Ryan Giggs who took the kick, leading to Rooney, but too high.

51 mins: Man C a corner kick opportunities, but his shot was too high and out of the arena.

Minute 53: Yaya Toure awarded a yellow card from referee for tackle on Ryan Giggs.

55 mins: Danny Welbeck seen warming up, it looks like Manchester United will make changes to sharpen the front lines.

57 mins: Man C back to get a corner kick, but were driven Evra. Manchester United make the turn, Ji-Sung Park replaced Danny Welbeck.

59 Minutes: Up to this minute I saw Sergio Aguero is a player who often threaten Chelsea's defense, he combined with Silva, Tevez and Zabaleta are often threatened.

62 minutes: heat in front of Chelsea's goal, greeted the players failed to pass Toure Man C.

63 mins: Manchester United tried to slow the tempo of the game.

64 minutes: Manchester United get a corner kick but Joe Hart can be driven.

68 mins: Tevez pulled out was replaced by Nigel De Jong.

69 mins: Phil Jones getting a yellow card for prop Gareth Barry.

72 minutes: Statistics show 62% ball possesion 38% Manchester City Manchester United.

75 Minutes: Up to this minute Man C looks more the ball.

76 mins: Nigel De Jong awarded a yellow card for prop Danny Welbeck. It appears there was a commotion incident took place between Sir Alex and Roberto Mancini, is not clear what.

77 mins: From the replays it turns out they argue with each other.

78 mins: Paul Scholes replaced by Antonio Valencia.

79 mins: Carrick get a yellow card.

Minute 81: The position is still 1-0 to Man C, Yaya Toure fired only a few centimeters from the line of the penalty box but his shot wide to the right.

82 mins: David Silva was replaced by Micah Richards and Ashley Young was replaced by Nani.

88 mins: There was some chaos in front of Chelsea's goal, several times a golden opportunity occurred there, one of which is the kick Gael Clichy who had vomited de Gea.

89 minutes: Tempo faster match, Nasri is just a few yards from the goal of Manchester United, but he had trouble releasing the ball as barred by the Manchester United player.

90 minutes: 5 minutes of added time.

90 +3 mins: Nasri was replaced by James Milner.

90 +4 mins: Manchester United get a corner kick opportunity, failed to put to good use.

90 +5 mins: Garet Barry was named the best player in this match Manchester City.

The game was over, the final score the match Manchester City vs Manchester United are 1-0, goal scored by Vincent Kompany in the first half minute of injury time.

In this game I see Man C is superior, they had the ball, the more dangerous attacks, it looks like Manchester United losing the midfield. I think Sir Alex should immediately hunt midfield fighter that is so, in my opinion not good Carrick and Paul Scholes has been a factor U heck yes, although the crossing passes it still looks solid.

The results of this derby to Man C League standings with the acquisition of the same points with Manchester United is 83 points. Pressure switch to MU now, it looks like Sir Alex saying some time ago will come true if the Premier League title this season will be determined by goal difference.

The beauty of Bali Island of Enchantment

Bali island or also known as the island is truly extraordinary charm of beauty is alsoa wealth of culture that is still very strong inherent in the population. No wonder the island is very famous in the world, and many foreign tourists who visit it. To almostevery tourist attraction in Bali is always filled with foreign tourists. Many local tourists are very interested in the beauty of this island.

Here are some attractions in Bali is a very interesting place to visit:

Kuta Beach Bali

This tourist spot is the center of Bali Tourism because now been able to provide full facilities according to the needs of tourists as a variety of inns and hotels, shopping centers, recreational areas, so vibrant nightlife, facilities and sports facilities such as bungy jumping, water boom, etc. .

The attraction of this place is clean white sand, beautiful scenery and also veryromantic to watch the sunset (sunset), as well as high surf beaches that became a favorite with surfers.

So that was not complete if you visit the island without visiting this Kuta beach.

Tanah Lot

This resort is one of the most interesting places on the island of Bali that can be visited. This place is situated in the village Beraban or 13 km west of Tabanan. The uniqueness of this place is a temple located on a large rock beside the sea. TanahLot is famous as a beautiful place to watch the sunset (sunset), tourists are usuallycrowded in the afternoon to see the beauty of the sunset here.


Tourism in Bali Kintamani is a tourist spot that has the cool mountain air withpanoramic mountain and lake Batur is beautiful. The charm of the beautiful naturalscenery of Lake Batur is the largest lake in Bali and one of Mount Batur volcano isstill active, which stood in the middle of the caldera makes this area one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Bali.



This place is a tourist area on the island of Bali is located on a hill and is situatedat an altitude of approximately 1249 m above sea level.

This area is very cool, with temperatures average 18 degrees Celsius at night and 24 degrees Celsius during the day.

This tourist area offers beautiful views of mountains and lakes. In the middle of thelake there is a Ulun Danu Temple which is a shrine to the goddess Danu SangHyang as the giver of fertility.

Those are some places that I think is a very interesting place to visit when travelingto the island of Bali.

That's the beauty of the island of bali 5